Monday, March 29, 2010

Bailey feeling his Oats

I don't know if many of you have facebook and are able to see this video on my Odelia Farms site, so I thought I'd upload it here - at least I'll give it a try. These are our young boys.

Alpaca Kiss!

Last Alpaca Farm Days a lady came by with her very nice camera and took the attached photo. We thought we'd share it with you. It is simply lovely! And so is the lady in the picture.

Make new friends but keep the old - one is silver and the other is gold!

We had a great trip to Chicago visiting with old friends from Wisconsin. In total there were five couples, with the husbands all employees of CUNA Mutual in Madison Wisconsin, in the early 80s. We now live in various cities around the country but all in the Midwest, so we decided to convene in Chicago. This is the third reunion for everyone but Rodney and me. We were not able to make the last reunion as we were caught in the December ice storm of 200?. I can't remember the years anymore.

Anyway, we stayed at the Palmer House, which has an awesome lobby. Brenda, Pam and I took in the Art Institute to see the Matisse exhibit. Afterwards, we decided we were not great fans of Matisse. Others went to the Field museum and the Planetarium. We all split up and went where our interests took us. We also ate some of the most wonderful food, offered by great downtown restaurants. The highlight was seeing Billy Elliot in the theatre. Nice play with great dancing and music. Chicago is a great time for a get away weekend. Easy city to get around in and wonderful places to visit.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beercation! Destination: Portland

Last weekend we took some friends to Portland for a Beercation. There are over 30 microbrews/brewpubs in the Portland area and Connie was on a mission to visit as many as possible. We did not nearly get to as many as 30, but we did get pretty sick of drinking beer by the end of the weekend.

It was a little cold and rainy for us LA folk. I really enjoyed the change- the others not so much.

The awesome bridges of Portland.

Look at that flight- we tried 13 beers here.

This was the end of a long day of drinking - obviously I'm a little over it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A little visiting

While this was over a month ago, I was going through some pics and thought I'd make a post. I have been wanting to see Wicked since it came out. (Yes-read the books. Yes-listened to the soundtrack. Yes-scoured the web for photos.) It has been in San Francisco, so we finally made a trip to get to the show.

While this was my original intention for going, the weekend turned out to be much more than that since we also got to stay with Josh & Andrew. (The city view picture is from their street.) We always have such a good time with them, and they were great tour guides---from the "Full House" houses to the Asian wedding photo location/almost nudist beach to the secret password library speakeasy. (And we also now have a huge new lists of movies for our Netflicks!) Besides that, we got cooked for!

We also got a pass to visit the California Academy of Sciences. Great activity for the day since it was raining pretty good. A fun museum and aquarium. They even have an albino croc! It was great to take a quick visit of the Bay.