Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our new girls!

Yes we've been slackers and have not kept you all up-to-date on our latest adventures, so here goes. We spent Labor Day going to Michigan to pick up Tea and bring her home. Yes, she is pregnant and now thinks she owns the world! We also bought three new maidens who are just the cutest things. They have settled into their new home and are doing well. Since they came from a much bigger farm, they are not as used to being handled. They will be a challenge for us until we have them trained a little better. Then we've gone on a few trail rides to get ourselves in shape for our riding trip in Spain. Of course, it'll take more than just a few rides for me. Rodney and Kyler rode in the mountains of Colorado in July and both seemed to have a great time. I was learning to grade and sort fiber in Estes Park. Now we are working hard to get the farm ready for Alpaca Farm Days next weekend. We hope to have as nice a turnout as we did last year. Here is a little movie of the new girls. Take care and enjoy the fall!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cloudy Cast and Crew Screening

So this is the Cloudy Red carpet from Saturday's Premiere -only the really important people were invited (writers, directors, producers, STARS) - so this is a friend's photo.

We were invited to a screening last night with the rest of the crew. Which was a much better audience I'm sure. The film was shown in 3d which I felt was really well done and added a lot to a film about falling food. We all laughed and clapped for one another. Even Connie giggled at a couple jokes. I'm really proud to have worked on this film. The final product is silly, action packed and absurd.

Check out our snazzy 3d glasses!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The autograph session starts at 7 pm

Hi, all!
I am attaching a link to the ASU campus newspaper. They interviewed me for this article in today's paper. Always skeptical about being interviewed, but I actually think they got most of it right this time. At least my boss, the Dean, was pleased.

Now, we find out that the University of Texas is going to stop giving National scholarships, so I'm getting ready to swoop in there, and pick off even more of their students!! UT-Austin is one of our primary competitors anyway, so this was good news to hear.

Enjoy your weekend!
Michelle "Barrett Babe" Hollin

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Too busy watching tv, are ya?

Well if not- we would appreciate a photo or anecdote from time to time. Why are we only hearing from these guys?- Although they are fascinating I'm sure they are not the only ones with things to share.
There are no excuses- even if you have nothing to post- just make a comment on someone's post so we know you are visiting and alive and well.

If you forgot your password - reset it. Please comment to this post if you have any other technical hang-ups.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Advertising

Ugh, horrible green-screened music video from the girl from icarly- thanks marketing. I hope the movie itself looks better than this...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tough Cookies vs Sac City

The Tough Cookies were challenged to a bout against the Sac City Rollers on August 22nd. I called Emily and Kyler and asked if they would want to meet me there to watch the game. The hardest part was the drive there and back, but turned out to be a really fun game. I think Kyler and Emily got a good show of how hard these girls work and play. The Cookies ended up beating Sac City, again proving they are a tough team, banked track or flat track.
Laguna Beyatch and Gori Spelling in front of the State Capital Building.
Connie was so super excited to show off her cowboy brother to her roller derby team and her roller derby team to her family.
It was very dark in the rink- hard to take photos. SKATE FASTER!
We made Kyler sport some team flair.
Celebrating the victory at the local dive bar.