Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tough Cookies vs Sac City

The Tough Cookies were challenged to a bout against the Sac City Rollers on August 22nd. I called Emily and Kyler and asked if they would want to meet me there to watch the game. The hardest part was the drive there and back, but turned out to be a really fun game. I think Kyler and Emily got a good show of how hard these girls work and play. The Cookies ended up beating Sac City, again proving they are a tough team, banked track or flat track.
Laguna Beyatch and Gori Spelling in front of the State Capital Building.
Connie was so super excited to show off her cowboy brother to her roller derby team and her roller derby team to her family.
It was very dark in the rink- hard to take photos. SKATE FASTER!
We made Kyler sport some team flair.
Celebrating the victory at the local dive bar.


Martin said...

You guys have so much fun over there on the west coast.

Despondent Debonair said...

West Coast's got the most... Martino these girls really are tough cookies. They let guys fawn all over them and then kick their ass when it gets too touchy. I mean they are all drinking business at the bar!