Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two Write-ups

Both of them pretty much suck but everyone keeps telling me that all press is good press. After months of trying to get someone to write about us, my wish came true.
Philadelphia Weekly
Philadelphia Metro Paper

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Administrative Assistant Day! I Love You

After my rude awakening of being fined for being a considerate recycler I was greeted at work with a warm breakfast, a card and a gift certificate to the bookstore for being the awesomest Administrative Assistant ever. It made my day and made me appreciate how lucky I am to like where I work because I find what I do important and other people appreciate me.

Happy Earth Day Philadelphia! I Hate You!

For the past few years I've tried my hardest to do my part in becoming more Green. It's influenced my decisions at work, as a homeowner and as a human. I have joined every email list, signed every petition, voted, pleaded, begged, and cursed to get Philadelphia to practice better recycling methods.
Today (Earth Day) the City of Philadelphia has shat upon those efforts with a turd of irony by invoking a $25 fine on me, Martin Brown, for failing to separate my trash from recycling, when in fact I put out my trash last night and my recycling out this morning (because there was a thunderstorm last night and I thought it inconsiderate to put out a tub of newspaper and cardboard only to get sopping wet).
Way to institute something that's broken to try and fix something that's already broken.
F you Philadelphia and Happy Earth Day!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New News

I don't have anything very exciting to show visually so I'm just attaching the last random picture I took with my cell phone. Pretty soon I will have pics from my first major home renovation: the demolition of my faux fireplace. This is a direct result of needing more closet space; a direct result of Sarah moving in with me this summer (she has a lot of shoes). There will be 3 people in the house, a little tight, but I don't think anyone will be complaining about the lower costs which will certainly be welcome right now.

The band played last night after a 6 week hiatus due to Sam's wife having a baby. The crowd could have been better but it felt great to make music again.

I'm pretty much living for my summer vacation right now. This will be the first time I will have taken off work for more than 2 consecutive days since I joined the work force in September 2005. I rented a house in Cape Cod for one week w/ Sarah. Hopefully mom and El will be able to join us for part of that week. Sarah's Dad even wants to come check it out and he never leaves PA.

Not much else new. Hope the rest of you are starting to see signs of spring as well.