Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Barrett Grand Opening

After 2 months of being open, we finally had our official grand opening on Thursday, 10/15. It was a classy, outdoor ceremony, with lots of dignitaries in attendance. Here is the link for the website. http://asunews.asu.edu/20091015_barrettlaunch

I know it takes a while (about 40 minutes) to watch the entire video of the ceremony, but if you get a chance, I'm especially proud of the student speaker, Joe Canarie. I spent many a long, involved conversation with him two years ago as he was trying to chose between us and Univ. of Chicago. I'm so proud of him.
Looking forward to a good recruiting year - I know the buildings will help sell it for me!
Love, Michelle

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Exploring Texas

Last weekend we went to Johnson City, TX to tour the LBJ Ranch. No wonder he spent over 1/4th of his presidency there. It is so peaceful and inviting. While Lady Bird was still alive, the tour was by bus and you had to stay on the bus. But now you can drive around the ranch, and in the last two months or less, they have been taking people on tours inside the house. Not the whole house yet, but the living room, dining room, kitchen and the TX White House office. You also drive through his Hereford cattle descendants lounging by the drive, (the NPS has to maintain it as a working cattle ranch), past the family cemetery (Lady Bird's grave still has no headstone, only flowers), even past the house where he was born (reconstructed), and the one-room school he first attended at age 4, sitting on the teacher's lap.

When we left there, we went to Fredericksburg for their Oktoberfest. We enjoyed Reubens, brats, struedel, wheat beer and Oktoberfest beer. And got rained on, off and on. The main street is quite wide, originally built so they could turn oxcarts around, and is on the National Register. Down at one end is the old Nimitz Hotel, which now houses the National Museum of the Pacific War. Yes, right in the middle of Texas, because Charles Nimitz, the Admiral of the US Pacific Fleet, was born there. We didn't go inside.

In the evening we went to Luckenbach, TX to "get back to the basics of love", but without "Waylon, Willie and the boys". It's on a big curve off an old country road about 13 miles south of Fredericksburg. The two main buildings are a dance hall and an old general store with a saloon and outside bar at the back end. I had a Frito chili pie, which they made by cutting open a small Frito bag and spooning chili and cheese on top. D had a pulled pork sandwich. We didn't stay for the band which was a bit later.

This weekend we went to the Movie Tavern to see "Whip It", the roller derby movie which ostensibly took place in Austin. But, except for a few framing shots on South Congress and the Alamo Draft house, it was filmed in Michigan. This time they did show the entire credits, so we got to see LA Derby Dolls mentioned. but not our favorite one -- go Laguna!

New closet renovation to spruce up the top of my basement stairs. Forrest green semigloss paint with metallic spray paint stenciled flower print. Cedar lined closet with 16" deep custom shelves. Two weekends worth of work all to hold some paper towels and cans of spaghetti sauce.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bailey takes the blue!

Hi all,
Last weekend Rodney and I took Bailey and Kooper to a fall show. Rodney has been trying all summer to keep Bailey in show condition. This means be making sure he doesn't roll in the lime, poop, or any other matter he can get himself into. He has been also kept in full fleece all summer so we had to make sure he remained cool throughout the warmer weather. Luckily we had a cool summer. Well all paid off, at least last weekend. He took 1st over two other very nice looking alpacas. The judge said he had more of the whole package, even though he was 5 months younger than the other two. Let's hope the next two shows go as well.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Eleanor got a job!

Not sure why she's never picked up on our family blog but the bit of news I would like to share today is not related to me but my sister. Eleanor started her first day of work (real work) today in mid-town Manhattan at Town and Country (I think that is what they're called) as a pattern designer and product manager. She got the call on Tuesday, moved Sunday and started today, staying at a friend's 1 bedroom apartment that already sleeps 2 people until something better comes along. Give her a call to get the details and wish her luck.