Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whales and Cops "Great Bouncing Icebergs" EP

I'm proud to say that my first contribution as a musician to a recorded medium is available for public consumption, or at least will be when it officially releases on November 11th. I know I've passed it on to some of you and am more than willing to keep sending copies to those who want them. So tell all your friends to buy it on Amazon or iTunes or something and keep enjoying the music (if you do). 

Naming Opportunities!

Hi all,
Well we are a regular baby factor around here!   On Sunday we found a little 10.5 lb baby boy in the stall.    He is a premy and has had a time getting started.   Finally today he is nursing on his own and Mom is letting him.    Twinkle got mastitis which was very painful for her and so she didn't want anyone near her.    That just complicated everything with two vet visits on both sides of the river.   Then today while I was at work I got a call from Joyce, our breeder, that Lacey had delivered a baby boy as well.  He is about 15 lbs and jumped up and started nursing almost immediately.   He is quite a handsome boy too.    Both babies are medium brown now but we'll see how they eventually turn out.   With all these black parents you would think we'd get some black babies.       

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Musical Explosion

Thanks Martin for the CD. I really love the artwork on the cover. The sound itself maybe a bit over my head, but it screams creativity. I'll pass it around and get a real music lovers opinion. Keep it coming. It is really exciting to see your band doing so well. I would love to see you guys make more CD's- so I hope this gives you good exposure.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hypocritical Happiness!

Dear Fellow Citizens of the free world (It is free because as we speak currency is no longer used in our market place.) I am sure all of you are much more up to date on the in depth political news of our times. But seeing as I have only one skewed news source I felt obliged to share it. I am sure all of you 'damn women's choice loving, veteran hating, civil liberty whining, anit-anything cruel and unusual, economy regulating, socialized medicine wanting LIBERALS' are filled with Obamamnia. Just in case you have forgotten just how silly our politics is I give you this lovely clip for your enjoyment. I am sure there is just as good of footage of the dems, but this is pure hypocrisy. I love it! This is what I wake up in morning for... yes I am a stupid white person who loves not only irony, but also hypocrisy. Wishing all of you a splendid political season.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

we suck at softball

Alright so "the pigs" season ended in June, but the party stayed alive until August. Over Labor Day we finally had our a little barbecue to celebrate our epic failure as a team. We finished out the season at 1- and many more than one. We were some what disappointed to have performed so poorly in probably our last season together. But hey- it was just a way to hang out and trash talk- we'll find another.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day at the Beach

We had a really fun long Labor day weekend. There was a barbeque for my softball team on Saturday. I took Connie to the driving range for the first time in her life on Sunday morning. She has decided that this could be her church. Every Sunday morning at the driving range would time well spent. She says as an adult she feels is necessary to be passable at golf. I had fun, but Dad I forgot everything you ever taught me. Let's just say I have an excellent slice. Now with couple new blisters, today we decided to head to the beach. Alison and Blair tagged along and we met up with Miriam and Tanner. A coupe of years ago when Dad was out visiting we found this awesome beach spot called El Matador. You have to walk down the cliff to the beach which is difficult for some so that thins out the crowds. On a day like to day the beaches are packed. So with our early start and remote spot we found it to be the perfect excursion. Here are a couple photos. Mom you would be proud of Connie - she got in the water and boogie boarded a couple times and the water was chilly. Now with our sunburned feet and noses we rest up for the work week. I wish everyone a happy fall- good luck with school and so forth.