Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An Epic Day

Not that you would think these pictures are from around Reno if you were hanging out in the 63 degree weather we are having today -- but a mere couple weeks ago at the Squaw Valley Ski Area at Lake Tahoe, we were in "epic" blizzard conditions. (This was apparently the code word of the day up on the mountain.) Horizontal snow, fogging goggles and a new to us 'full-of-terrain' ski area made for an exciting day. Half of the huge mountain was closed down due to high winds and none of the runs had names (or skier level signs) but our coats kept us dry and our legs didn't give out. One of these days we will ski on a day where we can actually see the lake from the top!

(Do you like Kyler's new coat?)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Reminder - Kath and Kim this Thursday

Connie will be on Kath and Kim this Thursday night 8:30 EST- make sure to set your TIVO. THIS is her costume for one of the scenes- of course she agreed to be girl in towel in locker room.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Crisan Bakery, Albany NY

After seeing the mini-family reunion I got jealous that everyone gets to go on trips but me. Then I remembered I went to Albany last week. Albany in February is generally not a hot spot but when you go to a surprise birthday party for your friends that own a bakery it can be quiet fun. I gained a good ten pounds eating everything baked goods to gelato to tripe soup. The weekend could pretty much be summed up by Claudia asking me "do you want to try this now or after it is dipped in chocolate?" as if that's even a question. 
Tripe soup

Hands covered in chocolate truffles

Crisan bakery gang sign

And I'm not afraid to use it

Sorina says "presentation is key" - I try my best

Iggy's hands are covered in flour and chocolate syrup - we are both hung over

Cinnabon-artist Jackson Pollack meets Martha Stewart

Like a wolverine for layer cakes

Sticky bun syrup can be eaten straight - I did it

Better when melted over donuts or cakes

Chocolate stick

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Family visits - - a little bit more

It was great to have the family out to our house for the weekend. We showed off the curly horses and the dog and had a great time just spending the days together (although I may or may not have been tae bo kicked after losing to Connie in karaoke).
We went up to Northstar and explored the mountain
- from the jumps to the bar (where Beth did some good knitting) - and I finally explored the best thrift store in Reno at the request of the sister-in-law. "Do you know what I call this (rolling pin)? It's a husband beater."

We were both even convinced to pose for Odelia Alpacas and our modeling genius (or at least the pretty scenery behind us) in now forever documented.

Next stop in the family trips? Maybe a front seat visit to derby in L.A........?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend in Reno

Connie and I had a great weekend with visiting Kyler and Emily in Reno. It is very beautiful there. We went snowboarding/skiing on Friday. And we even convinced Dad to sing along with us to a karaoke video game on Saturday night. It was really fun to hangout with everyone. Hope we continue to see each other on these little trips, because it is a very nice reprieve from LA.

Two Great Men Meet!

February 7, 2009 - a day Ken will never forget!
After changing our minds several times about what movie to go see, we decided on the early evening show of "SlumdogMillionaire" at the local theatre close to us. I was holding our seats while Ken went to get the first round of refreshments, when I noticed a woman help an older man shuffle in and sit down directly behind us. OMG!!!

When Ken came back in, I told him to look who is sitting behind us! He glanced quickly and said "hi" to the woman and she replied back the same. We sat back down, and I said "what are you doing?" "Aren't you going to say anything to him?" "Who is it?" Ken said. "It's Muhammed Ali!!!" (The person Ken admires most in the whole world!).

So I got up to get more refreshments, and as I turned around I could see Ken leaning over talking to the Greatest. He said he said "hi, and how're you doing, Champ?" MAli reached up his straight weak left hand to shake Ken's. Ken was in seventh heaven.

It was so weird to sit through the movie knowing he was right behind us. On several occasions, he kind of choked on phlegm, and his wife got that all worked out as she coached him on the coughing. He ate a lot of popcorn, and we heard that too. But what was the most eery, was that we could hear him breathing in and out the whole time, not too loudly, just audible enough that you could tell he was struggling to breathe. Ken says that it was one of those moments when you thought about the cycle of life - here was a man, at his prime was to many the greatest athlete in the world ( and to many still is), now an elderly man in the grips of a serious disease that has taken its toll on him.

Well, as we all know by now, the movie was wonderful, and of course, we stuck around until all of the theater was cleared except for us and them. Again, I walked up the aisle and turned around to see Ken leaning over his idol, talking once more. When I asked him what he said, Ken said, "This is great night - I got to see a great movie and meet the greatest man in the world!" MAli's wife said, "Oh, you're so sweet." And the two men shook hands again.

A moment where I watched two great men meet.

Monday, February 2, 2009

29th Birthday- Gladiator Jousting Party

So in effort to keep my youth I invited everyone to take a shot at my face. Maybe not the smartest idea. Actually, I threw a jousting tournament, which turned out to be a great idea. It gave everyone the chance to meet new people and really try to do their best in effort to move on to the next round. It was probably the best party I've ever thrown and a really good time.