Friday, February 13, 2009

Crisan Bakery, Albany NY

After seeing the mini-family reunion I got jealous that everyone gets to go on trips but me. Then I remembered I went to Albany last week. Albany in February is generally not a hot spot but when you go to a surprise birthday party for your friends that own a bakery it can be quiet fun. I gained a good ten pounds eating everything baked goods to gelato to tripe soup. The weekend could pretty much be summed up by Claudia asking me "do you want to try this now or after it is dipped in chocolate?" as if that's even a question. 
Tripe soup

Hands covered in chocolate truffles

Crisan bakery gang sign

And I'm not afraid to use it

Sorina says "presentation is key" - I try my best

Iggy's hands are covered in flour and chocolate syrup - we are both hung over

Cinnabon-artist Jackson Pollack meets Martha Stewart

Like a wolverine for layer cakes

Sticky bun syrup can be eaten straight - I did it

Better when melted over donuts or cakes

Chocolate stick

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