Thursday, February 12, 2009

Family visits - - a little bit more

It was great to have the family out to our house for the weekend. We showed off the curly horses and the dog and had a great time just spending the days together (although I may or may not have been tae bo kicked after losing to Connie in karaoke).
We went up to Northstar and explored the mountain
- from the jumps to the bar (where Beth did some good knitting) - and I finally explored the best thrift store in Reno at the request of the sister-in-law. "Do you know what I call this (rolling pin)? It's a husband beater."

We were both even convinced to pose for Odelia Alpacas and our modeling genius (or at least the pretty scenery behind us) in now forever documented.

Next stop in the family trips? Maybe a front seat visit to derby in L.A........?

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