Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hypocritical Happiness!

Dear Fellow Citizens of the free world (It is free because as we speak currency is no longer used in our market place.) I am sure all of you are much more up to date on the in depth political news of our times. But seeing as I have only one skewed news source I felt obliged to share it. I am sure all of you 'damn women's choice loving, veteran hating, civil liberty whining, anit-anything cruel and unusual, economy regulating, socialized medicine wanting LIBERALS' are filled with Obamamnia. Just in case you have forgotten just how silly our politics is I give you this lovely clip for your enjoyment. I am sure there is just as good of footage of the dems, but this is pure hypocrisy. I love it! This is what I wake up in morning for... yes I am a stupid white person who loves not only irony, but also hypocrisy. Wishing all of you a splendid political season.



Despondent Debonair said...

I don't know if it is totally uncouth to post a comment on your own post in hopes of getting a comment post... but that is what I am doing.

Emily B said...

:)Sorry no one else is making comments. I personally was rather entertained. Thank you for enlightening me!