Monday, October 5, 2009

Eleanor got a job!

Not sure why she's never picked up on our family blog but the bit of news I would like to share today is not related to me but my sister. Eleanor started her first day of work (real work) today in mid-town Manhattan at Town and Country (I think that is what they're called) as a pattern designer and product manager. She got the call on Tuesday, moved Sunday and started today, staying at a friend's 1 bedroom apartment that already sleeps 2 people until something better comes along. Give her a call to get the details and wish her luck.


Hummer said...

Tell Eleanor we wish her the best. Congrats on her new job!!! Love Beth & Rodney

TheBitterRedhead said...

Tell Eleanor to get on here- so we can congratulate her in person- Do designers not use the internet?

Despondent Debonair said...

Congrats too! KB and Em'ly say sweet! Do designers get sweet deals on fabric and crap for houses?