Thursday, October 30, 2008

World Champions

The Philadelphia Phillies are World Series Champions. Needless to say the city has been in a frenzy of fireworks, screaming, honking, and minor rioting. My work colleagues are estatic (especially the women - there aren't many men at my office anyways) and we will probably get off a good part of the day on Friday to go to a parade. Go Phils. P.S. Cole Hamels is so hot!


Emily B said...

We were watching the rained out game (#1) on TV then the championship on I-phone updates.

I bet it was quite crazy in the city. Did you participate in the mayhem?

Martin said...

Not really all though it was hard not too. I stayed away from the stadiums (which are only blocks form my house) and stuck to hanging out around cheesesteak corner (Pat's and Geno's). The parade day was the worst. I had to walk home (4 miles) because the train were shut down because there were so many people (extra 2.5 million in the city). The streets were disgusting and everyone was stranded and drunk. I'm glad it's over.