Friday, November 7, 2008

This is it!

Tomorrow the Tough Cookies skate in our first Championship game. We are super stoked - it has been five months since our last game but we have been working so hard the past few months and are ready to kick some Sirens ass!

Here is a game preview our awesome video guys made:

Myself and teammate Gori Spelling are the worst interviewers EVER. That was my first and last interview given!

TV station KTLA was at the Doll Factory Thursday morning doing a live feed - they have a nice write-up of the upcoming game:

Roller Derby Championship

I didn't know we were scrappy!

Anyway - wish us luck! We are going to need it to take down the Sirens - but as the poster says:

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Martin said...

Good Luck. Show those Sirens why you have a right to be cocky! Gnarley