Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obama at ASU (the Daily Show)

Hey, everyone!
Tonight's the big night, but did you see the Daily Show with John Stewart last night? Aw, it makes our students look sooooo bright!


TheBitterRedhead said...

Connie and I watched this today? We felt bad for your recruiting department -poor ASU students didn't come off so well. Why did they decide not to give Obama the honorary degree- I'm sure doesn't matter to him since he's a Harvard grad anyway.

Emily B said...

We watched it too! Rather entertaining, but I agree with Jes. I kept expecting Ken to get interviewed talking about the scholarship. Did he get to meet the prez?

Martin said...

This is awesome. Come on, it's the Daily Show doing what they do best. Unbelievably entertaining. They would have done the same thing to Harvard. Any press is good press.