Friday, June 5, 2009

A very Derby month of May...

Last month was a bit insane, roller derby wise. I had three weekends with games, and one of those weekends was a two day tournament.

On May 9th, the Ri-ettes skated a combination team of Kansas City/Duke City (Albuquerque). For a lot of the KC/DC skaters, it was their first time on a banked track (both teams are flat track). The final score of 167-73 was a bit more lopsided than they had probably hoped, but it was great to get a new team to come out to LA and play on our track.

Photo by Stalkerazzi

The next weekend we sent a flat track version of the Ri-ettes to the second annual The Big One, a flat track tournament comprising of teams from all over California. We were ranked seventh out of eight, and not really expected to do well. We lost two of our three games in our bracket, but somehow managed to fail our way into the next day of games. We lost our semi-final game, but won the third place trophy! It was kind of a big deal for us, conquering at least a few teams on the flat track...

Finally, on May 30 the Tough Cookies faced a rematch against the Sirens in regular league play. After eeking out a win against them in the Championship game last November, we knew they were out to make up for that loss. But we were also determined to show that our Champs win wasn't a fluke. It turned out it wasn't - we won by almost 30 points! The Cookies are now 2-0 heading into the second half of our season. Next game is October 3rd against the Varsity Brawlers.

Both photos by Rinkrat

I have one more tournament left before I can take a break - the Ri-ettes are traveling to Austin June 21-22 to defend our title at the Battle of the Bank 2. This year eight teams will play for the trophy. I am really excited to finally travel for a game and to get to play TXRD!

The league is paying for our way - if anyone feels like kindly making a donation you can here:

Hopefully we will bring the trophy back to LA!

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