Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow in Reno

The storm came through and definitely left Reno with snow and cold weather. The University even closed yesterday so I had a snow day. We got about 8" at our house and I charted -16 degrees as a low on the drive to work this morning. Took forever to get in to work and we'll see if I can get out of my parking spot at the end of the day today!

These pictures are of yesterday from the local newspaper, the Reno Gazette Journal, www.RGJ.com. The Reno arch downtown and Manzanita Lake, the little lake on campus just across from our office. (I took a few at our house too, but don't have them loaded up yet.)

The cold isn't suppose to let up and we might get more snow over the next few days. Winter -- yep, it's officially here!

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TheBitterRedhead said...

Connie is hoping for a white xmas in STL, maybe we should've meant in Reno- our chances might be higher.