Monday, November 15, 2010

Uproar on the Lakeshore

The first weekend in November Connie and I made a trip to the windy city to watch the National Flat track roller derby championships. First we noticed it was 40 degrees there, but then we started drinking and it turned into a really fun weekend.

For the most part is was a lot of this... watching teams from all over the country compete for the title. No Connie did not skate in this event- it was for flat track not banked track teams. Denver ended up victorious. They beat Olympia, Washington by one point. A very exciting ending to a lot of blow-out matches.

It was a really really nice venue. And if you happen to be in Chicago you can catch Connie skating here on December 11th for a Red Bull event.

I took these photos on my walk to the train. I journeyed up to Lake Bluff on Saturday to say hi to Uncle and Aunt Jeanette, the Freeds, and Karla. It was a really nice afternoon. Made me wish I lived to closer to the fam as well as have the opportunity to use a train. Trains are so easy.

More photos of the city- we wandered looking for deep dish pizza.

And of course it took a couple tries but we managed to find time to find the latest local brewpub in Logan's Square Revolution Brewing. The beer was great- atmosphere was chill and the waitress was a great sport to put up with a bunch of crazy derby girls.

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Martin said...

Sweet looks like you guys did have a great time. Chicago is so much fun. I need to get back there some time.