Monday, February 7, 2011

Project Temple

Hey Family,
I am starting a little competition to see who can most improve their bodies over the next 4 months. It is just a fun way with a little monetary incentive to get us off our butts and looking and feeling great. I want all of us to lead long healthy lives so I thought of this idea to get motivated. Please tell your friends, co-workers whomever! The more the merrier! The blog explains all you need to know, anyone can do it. Go to to join and then send me your test info at I would love it if you all joined and helped support each other on this blog and the Project Temple blog. The more people we get the more fun, and money! If we get enough people we might give half to a worthy cause. Hopefully it will be fun and we can all bitch and moan about our workouts and eating habits. Love you all, go look at the site for me. (I actually created it myself, so you get a better body, I get more computer knowledge, win-win!)

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