Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Second Attempt

As most of you know we threw a small backyard bash to celebrate our legal signing of our marriage license. We found an ordained rollergirl to marry us and since we already exchanged rings a couple years ago- she suggested we exchange keg stands. This totally set the mood of the party and I think was a hilarious way to start of the night. We have to thank Miriam too for all her hard work. She made the amazing rainbow balloon arch (hilarious) and great three-tiered cake. She may have found her calling in backyard gay weddings.


Berryville Brat said...

Congratulations Girls. I so wish I was there. Best wishes for your continued life journey. May all joys and health be with you.

Despondent Debonair said...

Love you guys. Great seeing you. Can't wait till we are 80 yrs old and laughing about gay marriage laws!

Martin said...

This looks gayer than opening a box full of rainbows on Christmas with Richard Simmons (but totally awesome). Congratulations!