Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Addition to the Best Victorian Wedding (finally)

Yes, it has taken me a while, but here are a few pictures for the enjoyment of all from the great Victorian Wedding.

Martin 'forced' the group of cousins to eat lunch at the aquarium after a morning of exploring the giant Houston mall. There were huge aquariums (apparently larger than Eleanor's apartment) filled with entertaining see life - - from sea horses to scary bright green eels. We drank some big margaritas and tried not get caught up in the whistle blowing kids.

We also got lost a bit on the way back. (Which seemed to be the theme of the trip, at least for Jessica and Connie.) I guess after the aquarium we knew where we were...we just didn't know how to get back on the Interstate. The vehicle would not seat all of us, so turns were taken sitting in the back....and ducking from cops (as demonstrated here.)

It was really good to spend some time with everyone (and to play a little dress up). Congratulations again from the happy couple!

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Despondent Debonair said...

Everyone definitely should have had more spats pictures!!!