Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crabfest 2010

This year was the 5th year I've hosted a Crabfeast. The first in my tiny two bedroom apartment on South Street, the second as a joint party with a fellow Marylander and the past 3 at my house. That's right that means I've been there two full years. Special guests included Eleanor, my cousin Chris and his wife Susan and my friend Fiona, who has always wanted to come but spent the last 4 years in Scotland. Since a lot of guests end up only eating one or two crabs (or none at all) I usually have to make a lot of other food. I did my now fail-proof beer-can chicken, burgers, dogs, shrimp, and corn. All that grilling kind of burned me out so I couldn't go full steam on the crab eating. Somehow we're never able to finish eating a bushel (about 85 crabs) and I either have to crack them all the next day or trash them. It was still a fun time had by all. Brick was a big hit and the massive clean up was postponed the next morning by Chris treating us all to brunch at Jose Garces' Tinto.

Jessica designed the flyer and invite.

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