Friday, July 16, 2010

A Santa Fe Fourth of July

Over the Fourth of July Connie and I travelled back to Santa Fe for a friend's wedding.
After a rainstorm on the drive up from Albuquerque we caught a couple amazing rainbows.

Of course right after landing in ABQ on Friday, Connie had already scheduled to tour a small brewery 40 miles outside of town. This is the very small Rio Grande Brewery. Here we got to try Green Chile Beer.

Although the College looked pretty sad- it was obvious, Santa Fe, the city had been spending a lot of money on beautification and tourism. This is the new railyard area. They've built restaurants, stores, farmer's market, park, and even trains to take people through and out of town.

We also toured the Santa Fe Brewing Company again. We were here once before on the way to Kyler's wedding. But this time we had a more discerning eye on their systems and beers. Research. But we also ran into some old friends from school and it was good to catch up.

It was quite green.

And of course we had to take some pictures of our favorite attraction.

Overall it was a great trip. The wedding was beautiful. It was really fun to see old friends. Thank you Santa Fe for a great fourth.

In brewing news, we are thinking up some beers to submit to a competition this fall. We also have arranged with two of our good friends and fellow brewers to start working together on forming the LA RIVER BREWING COMPANY. We'll send out highlights as things start to fall into place.

Love ya,
Jess and Connie

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Martin said...

There are so many places out west I have yet to see. I hear Santa Fe is really small but cool. I hope to get to see it some day. Keep up the research I can't wait to hear more about LA River Brewing company. I've put my home brewing on hold until I can clean up my basement better. Plus it conflicts with my desire to kick Jessica and Kyler's butt at P90X.