Friday, May 23, 2008

Gettem' Mike! - Do it Right!

Canadian superstar contractor Mike Holmes has inspired me to take a weekend DIY Home Repair class through Temple University adult education classes. Well, actually the two aren't really related. I thought the class we be a good idea since I will soon be a new homeowner and I pretty much watch Holmes on Holmes everyday. Several episodes have actually made me cry, I thought his work was so beautiful. I hope a don't start to blur lines between the DIY I'm capable of and that of HGTV. When it comes times to install that ceiling fan I just want to get it up where Mike would gut the house, install skylights, spray foam the insulation, re-tile my bathroom, and offer to find the contractors who renovated my house and hunt them down like wild boar to emasculate them on their shitty craftsmanship. "Do It Right -The First Time" - Mike Holmes

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