Friday, May 23, 2008

Rickie Lee, How Much Do I Love Thee?

I've been a part-time house manager at the Painted Bride Art Center, one of Philadelphia's oldest and coolest performing and visual arts venues ever since I moved to Philadelphia. I've seen some pretty incredible shows including Zakir Hussain, 20 piece Gamelan orchestras from Indonesia, 40 piece Japanese Taiko drummers, some of the worlds best modern dancers and even lost $100 of Dave Holland's (famed bassist for Miles Davis) money. I've never been star struck before but when I found out Rickie Lee Jones was coming to do 3 concerts I got super psyched. I haven't been a fan for long but over the past couple of years I've acquired almost all of her albums and have recently gone on a buying spree of vinyl to get autographed. I think I will finally get a chance to be that super nerdy, I love you in my own secret way, because I listen to your records when I'm feeling lonely and sad and/or happy and on top of the world, and dream about what you're really like, and why you wrote this song, type of guy. I am totally going to get a picture and have her autograph like 10 records and put them all on my wall and myspace her the pictures.

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