Sunday, May 11, 2008

Run Amuck

Sometimes, you just need to play in the mud!

This weekend Reno put on the Reno River Festival. It is mostly a weekend of whitewater competitions, but this year they put on the first annual Run Amuck relay race. Kyler heard about it on the radio, so we decided to be a part of it. You signed up in teams of two with a 'baton' of Ivory soap to pass off between team members. Each person ran about two miles and had to crawl through a 60-foot long mud pit as well as go over/through several 'Objects of Mystery' (i.e. hurdling haybales, crawling post-mud through one of those blow-up kids' jumping obstacle objects). Also, costumes were highly recommended.

We were the "Brown's Fertilizer" team. Kyler, the creative genius that he is, came up with the idea and we went at it full force. The grass came from the bosses' new yard. The shirt decorations (if you look close) might later be used for their original purpose of fish bait. The shoes sucked to run in and most of the grass didn't make it to the finish line, but we had fun and a lot of people thought the costumes were great.

Also, below is a link to a video on the event on the Reno Gazette Journal website. We are in the video twice - - both before the race started, with full costumes and afterward when we were covered in mud and lost most of our grass.

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Berryville Brat said...

So this is what $10,000's of higher education gets you. Eleanor, take note. Glad you out with the locals and enjoying life. Bring on the fertilizer.