Saturday, December 13, 2008

Have a Gay Christmas!

Hi all,
Of course I am possibly the most uniformed person in the news world and even more so, since I have only one skewed news source. Usually ole Johnny Stewart asks only a couple real questions to his guests and then keeps it pretty light hearted. This time though, I thought he got to the crux of what many people are thinking. A side note: I would love to blog more but my computer time is about next to Nil. Further more I am techno-dodo so putting up pictures or cool media crap which you obviously need to have in order to blog is out of my capabilities. I would love to show you the x-mas lights on our house and barn or how nice our place looks now... but alas I do not own a camera nor would I know how to put it on; so I must live vicariously thru Jessica and Martin's mad skills. (PS. Emily does know, so bitch slap her to blogging more!) I hope all of you have a wonderful, thankful, giving of love, December season time period thingy.(I don't care for happy holidays much--too pc)Love you all! Ho Ho Ho!!!

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Martin said...

I hadn't seen that one. Huckabee is kind of a freak isn't he?