Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tired of looking at Jessica

Basically I get sick of looking at Jessica's posts. We need some fresh blood in this blog. There should be a lot going on with the Holidays and everything. Well my exciting news is that I bought a piano for my house. I got it off a guy on craigslist for $75. A Betsy Ross Spinet uprigt by Lester with a custom chair. Sounds like a steal right. Try moving a 500 pound piano and then you'll realize why people practically give them away. Anyways, I love it and am practicing every day, getting Bach stuck in my head and trying to remember how to read music. It is really invigorating.


Laguna Beyatch said...

I'm tired of looking at Jessica too. I wish it was that easy to remove her as a simple blog post.

Emily B said...

Every house should have a piano - - nice addition. My mom got me an old practice one from my high school and Kyler wouldn't move in out of the horse trailer when me moved until it got some big ole' wheels welded to it!

Anonymous said...

Oooh Nooo!!!! Andrew was given a piano by a friend, and it has taken over his brain. It is like one of those pod people, only much bigger and heavier, and you can put a few candlesticks on it. Beware, or you too will be drawn into this too-horrible-for-words cult of the ivories. You will suddenly stop calling your friends, stop bathing, stop eating. All you will do is sit at your piano and learn chords. Save yourself time- call the exorcist now.