Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reunion on skates...?

I'm loving the updates on the derby dames, but I draw the line at reunions. I think the only way I would go to one would be if everyone had to wear roller skates. Although, I might be tempted to turn it into an ad hoc roller derby...
I participated in my first art show last week. It was an open house at the studio where I work, and about 30 artists were showing their stuff. If was fun and agonizing all at the same time- talk about multitasking. Fun to eat and drink. Agonizing to talk about my work. I wasn't prepared for all the questions people have about inspiration, subject matter, etc. I'll have to work on my elevator speech. Attached are some of my recent paintings.

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Emily B said...

Loved the card you sent. So professional! (Not that we would expect less.) Kyler especially liked the Einstein quote.