Sunday, November 29, 2009

Diva Jammers in the paper!

Today in the LA Times Image section, the Dolls were featured in an article about roller derby fashion. The author of the article featured the Diva Jammers, which is a group of skaters known for looking fabulous, time out photoshoots and scoring lots of points. My teammate Gori Spelling and myself started the Diva Jammers last year, and with our last pledge drive the group has grown to seven. Who better to feature in the Image section than a bunch of Divas? The article is great and there is also an accompanying photo gallery. The article and the photo of myself and Gori was in today's print paper - I had not picked up a real newspaper in ages but had to go out and get one today!


Emily B said...

I love it! Did the Diva's get to do a special photo shoot for the article? Way to stay relevant in the print media.

Laguna Beyatch said...

That is actually a photo we took at one of our games. Diva's never turn down a chance for an impromptu photo shoot!