Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This is the only time of the year that my sibs and I get together. Brothers come in from Dallas and Corpus Christi with their families (minus the nephew who lives in NYC). Occasionally one of my kids joins us, but not this year.

Sibs are all arriving Wednesday evening and we will go to a restaurant for dinner. Then on Thursday, D and I will join the rest of the litter at my sister's house for turkey dinner. I'll be taking 3 pies, dinner rolls, and apple rings. On Friday evening, everyone will come here and we'll have BBQ brisket, slaw, beans and corn bread. Last year we played Wii and had a great time. I got the Wii Resort game for this year. It should be a lot of fun working off all the turkey and BBQ. Everyone leaves Saturday morning.

I'm off all week (Yea!!!) and D only works Mon and Tue this week. Three more weeks of school and I'll be off again for 16 days. (Even better)

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Martin said...

What are apple rings? They sound good. Email me the recipe I've been taking a crack at baking lately and would love to give em a go. Happy Thanksgiving.