Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Live from the set of Kath and Kim...

So Roller Derby has definitely opened up some opportunities for me - I have been in a national magazine and filmed a few segments for some cable shows. But last week I got my biggest gig yet - I was cast as a background skater for an upcoming episode of "Kath and Kim". K&K is a Thursday night show on NBC starring Molly Shannon and Selma Blair. I was a skater on Kim's (Selma Blair) team, and we spent four days last week shooting at the track and on their set. I definitely got used to getting my hair and makeup done every day, but I could never get used to constant 5:30 AM call times. So stay tuned for the roller derby episode of Kath and Kim sometime in February and the debut of my very bad wooden background acting!

Recreating my trading card picture which was part of a banner for the set.

Blending in with the "extras" (you don't have to pay or feed blow up mannequins!)

We had a trailer! It was very small and there were seven of us in there but hey!


Whales said...

Awesome. One of the perks in living in LA I guess. Too bad that show kind of sucks. Send me a link when it's on the internet. I don't want to have to watch it all of february to wait and see you. Hah.

Laguna Beyatch said...

Ha! I will def let you know when it is online. I wouldn't want to subject anyone to actually having to watch that show unless there was a really good reason :) Although I secretly love it - but I heart terrible TV.