Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tough Cookies win in OT!

Saturday was the first game of our leagues season - and the Tough Cookies played opening day. We took on a newly energized Fight Crew - they had both new members and new leadership. The Tough Cookies also had new members as three Cookies retired at the end of the year, and we lost blocker Titty Titty Bang Bang to a job move right before the game.

Photo by Rinkrat

It was a crazy evenly matched game - the lead went back and forth several times, and ended in a first ever tie for our league. 2 OT jams later, we scored points to break the tie and win in sudden death OT.

There is a great write up on Derby News Network. I am so proud of my team - we really pulled together at the end.

And here is a video of myself and Gori Spelling doing a chest bump on skates.

It is all about the showmanship!


TheBitterRedhead said...

Just tell them you WON the game for your team. You were the big hero and now you have a huge number of fans and crazy internet stalkers.

Martin said...

The technical term may be a chest bump but on the streets we call it a "high two"