Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby Number 3 (and our new Mr. Mooney)

Yes, we do seem to post a lot of pictures of horses. But that is our life at the moment. (Hey, at least Kyler's in this one!) This is how we do our part to simulate the economy - buy horses while the market is right.

This is horse number two: Mister Peppy McMoon. So far he "goes" by Mr. Mooney or Mic. He's grown on me pretty quickly. A bit skinny, which is easy to fix, but he is very easy going and in the two times Kyler has ridden him so far, he has been quite broke. Slightly thrown off by ditches and bridges, but not for too long. He is quite the opposite of our first purchase. Suave is currently locked in the box stall in order to heal up the hole in her side from trying to jump the fence and getting impaled.

Our final addition to the curly ranch this summer (at least new baby-wise) has also arrived. He is filling out nicely and quite curious. Everyone is excited that a paint baby actually came out of the paint mare. Since Beth started this trend already, if anyone has good names for him, throw them out. (Kyler was able to think of good names for the other two foals, but nothing has come yet for this one.) His mom's name is Miss Demeanor (and we hope he doesn't inherit her cantankerous personality). In case you can't tell from the video, he does have one brown eye and one blue eye. I had to take the picture from his 'good' side because the blue eye kind of creeps me out.


Berryville Brat said...

Call him Chip. He looks like he has a chip on his nose.

Send more pics of Mic.

Martin said...

It's really cute. I don't think I'm very good at the name thing though. How about P.J. Marlow Finkelstein? or Leon Dmoubate? or Dr. Linneaus Finneas Newborn Jr.?