Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday the 13th - The Wedding!

This is one wedding I will never forget. I was hired to do the flowers by a friend of Jessica's for June 13th wedding (yes a Friday) a few months ago. All began as usual with the bride and the groom coming to my house to look at wedding photos of flowers and wedding decor. As the months passed little things kept happening that made me a little concerned about the wedding. Things such as the bride couldn't decide what kind of bouquet she wanted. Frilly flowers or simple ones. Big bouquet or small, etc. I usually like small swatch of each dress so that I can match the ribbons. Repeatedly I asked the bride to provide these. The only swatch I was able to secure was the one for the bridesmaids. Finally two days before the wedding a torn envelope shows up in my mail box with only 2 crystals and no swatches. The envelope had been damaged in the mail and so the crystals were lost and so were the swatches. Oh well, we made some other accommodations. On Tuesday I went to pick up the flowers at the market and most of the flowers were ready and packed for me, but when I asked where the roses were they said, oh did you order them? I had ordered 125 roses. But no roses. So I went in the back and found the last 5 packs of cream colored roses. Unbeknownst to me the roses were large long stemmed roses that one would usually use for a large floral bouquet, not boutonnieres.

Finally, after many hours of fretting with roses growing bigger by the minute, I finished all the bouquets and floral work. Jessica and Connie have now arrived to attend the wedding and are willing to help me transport all the flowers to the wedding . We get up early to pack up both cars. We leave around 11:20 to arrive by 12:30 at the wedding hall. As we are going down the road, Connie calls me on the cell phone and tells me that I have a flat tire. I ask how bad it is. She says pretty low. We barely make it to a gas station on up the road. It is pouring cats and dogs and we are trying to put air into the tire to see if we can make it to the wedding. How am I going to get these flowers to the wedding all the way in ST. Louis? I ask a guy to help me put the spare on. He says no, but that there is an auto repair show across the road. We go there and ask the guy if he can fix our tire. I tell him that this is an emergency and that we have to be at a wedding within the hour. Thank goodness he agrees to fix it. I'm drenched, Connie is starving and hitting the vending machines, and Jess is trying her best to keep me calm. Finally, we are on our way again. I felt like I was in a Julia Roberts movie trying to get to the wedding! The wedding went off without a hitch, the flowers were beautiful, and the bride was happy.

Word of Advice - Do not get married on Friday the 13th!

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Martin said...

Don't get married on Friday the 13th or try to settle on a house. My settlement got pushed back two weeks because the paper work was tied up.