Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Derby Dolls in this months Advocate

So, at the beginning of May, I was asked to be part of an article in the Advocate about gay women in roller derby. They took some photos and then did an interview with myself, teammate Krissy Krash and retired skater Kasey Bomber. The magazine just hit newstands, and the pictures turned out awesome! I am on the table of contents, giving the finger with my sad, broken middle finger, and there is a spread of all three of us as well. I think the picture of all of us was supposed to be the cover, but then gay marriage happened and we got bumped.
Here are the pictures, and if you get a chance, check out the article in stores!

All photos by Megan Quinn.

The good news is that my finger is on the way to healing - I finally got to take the splint off, I just have to wear it when I play Derby. We have a big tournament next weekend, and then I get two months off! I am so excited for hiatus you cannot imagine...

We also got a write up in the LA Times last Friday - it is a good article, and there is an accompanying slideshow with audio. I was supposed to be in what was going to be a large photo essay, but the photrapher said they had to cut the size. Oh well - you can't be in everything!



Martin said...

Awesome. You do look pretty bad ass. This weekend is the Philly Roller Derby east Coast Extravaganza. I really want to go but the stadium is like 15 miles outside of town. That's not far in LA terms, but impossible to get to in Philly terms.

Emily B said...

Stores out here suck. I now officially know that Wal Mart, two of our grocery stores, the UNR bookstore and the gas station all do not carry the Advocate. Next stop, Barnes & Noble.

I will find the celebraty sister in law!