Thursday, June 5, 2008

Name the new baby!

Hi guys,
Here is our pretty little girl!  Yes, another girl.   This makes 5 for 5.   But we need a name for her.   Her mom's name is Black Ice and her dad is Macaroni.   She is pure white and has no other markings.   I usually like to keep the line going on the side of the Mom unless the dad is well known.  
So help me out and send us your best ideas.



Martin said...

What do you mean keep the name on the side of the mother? Something white? Bianca, Nieves, Coconut, Blanche. I like naming animals after jazz musicians or Italian film directors like Morgan or Spanky, Fellini or Eno.

TheBitterRedhead said...

White cheddar! or something cheesy macaroni oriented or something related to ear- since she has only one.

Laguna Beyatch said...

Oooh! Shaved Ice! She looks like a snow cone :)