Thursday, June 19, 2008

7 Things I've Learned This Month

Though nothing is set in stone yet. It looks like my grants will go through and I will close sometime next week. The more exciting part is that today I found a tenant for my apartment. After almost 2 full months of showing it to complete strangers everyday a sophomore Uarts student and her dad came and saw the apartment and put a deposit down for her and a roommate.

The beginning of the story starts off with postings on Craigslist and tours starting as early as May 6th. Let me just mention that this apartment is awesome. The location is amazing and the rent is very very reasonable for the location, size and amenities. I am really going to miss it. But for some reason no one wanted to take it, even when I opened the move in date to be anywhere from July1 - August 1.

There was this crazy girl who put down a deposit and was going to sublet to a roommate she was going to find on Craigslist to try to make money off them. I allowed her to come into my apartment 4-5 times to show potential roommates and even offered water and food. In the end she backed out because she decided she wanted a dog. The landlord wouldn't give her the deposit back until I found a new tenant to secure the lease. This put me in an even tighter spot. She then filed a complaint about the landlord to the attorney general and better business bureau and was calling me everyday to see if I found another tenant. How stupid and annoying can you get?

Well, finally it's resolved - sort of. I still have to pay all of July's rent which I'm just chalking up as an additional closing cost. In total I received 235 emails about my apartment responded to 95% of the once and 75% of that 95% a second or third time for follow up. There is still follow between some people that needs to be taken. Also bear in mind that mind that my landlord does not use email.
In conclusion here is what I learned:
1) Craigslist is amazing............but a total pain in the ass.
2) People that use craigslist are usually retarded..................or someone you already know.
3) I will never become a realtor.......................because it's a total pain in the ass.
4) No matter how good it get's there is always something better out there...............or at least you think so.
5) Not everyone is willing to walk 3 blocks to do fact I am the only person I know that is willing to walk 3 blocks to do laundry.
6) Not everyone shops at IKEA! It was very surprising that people asked me how I got furniture up the stairs and I would say I bought it at IKEA took the box upstairs and put it together and that's the same way I'll get it out idiot.
7) Hire movers......I still might not take my own advice on this one but in the distant future when I do move again no matter how much stuff I have I will hire mover. The headache of moving can only be topped by the physical pain of carrying boxes and furniture up and down 3 flights of stairs about 400 times.

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