Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Andrew in NY????

is this true??Boyslender needs to know!!I'm so confused...Little Spence at 18months with his favorite monkey..
Hi All...How's everyone doing...enclosed is a link to the show I am doing.
Check it out...


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott:
No, Andrew is doing the show here in SF. I think it was on B'dway a few years ago.

Emily B said...

Cry baby! A college roommate loved this movie with Johnny Depp and the rest of us all thought it was pretty silly. But I bet it will be good on stage. Glad you found another one to work on.

Boyslender said...

Hey buddy,
Now I get it. How are you guys? Hope all is well.

Boyslender said...

Hi Emily,
Very bad movie...oye' How are u? How's livin in reno? Say hey to my favorite cowboy..

TheBitterRedhead said...

I love these pictures of Spencer. He's quite the ham for the camera. And yes Cry Baby is the worst movie.

Emily B said...


I heard an interview on the radio yesterday with David and Adam (I didn't want to write their long last names) who wrote the songs for Cry Baby. Do you get to yell "Turn off your cell phones" to the audience as they come in before the show? Sounds like you are in on a good gig!

Boyslender said...

Yes emily we do say that..And other things like" watch your cholesterol....."
Its a real goofy play...I hope it catches on..