Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Juror #5 is my new rap name.

Well I served my civic duty. That coupled with voting in the Democratic primaries this morning has me feeling like a super patriot. I was assigned to a homicide and possession of criminal weapon case. after a 2 day voire dire, a 2 day trial, and 2 day deliberation we found the defendant guilty of 1st degree murder. It was a strenuous and trying week (and weekend) for me. I was convinced when I heard that the bullet route through the victims chest was a contact wound (meaning the gun was pressed to his chest). Eleven jurors had decided it was 1st degree within the first hour of deliberation. Juror #12 was a little harder to convince (most morally stubborn and irrational person I've ever had to meet in my life). I'm just happy it's all over with. It took me about a good 3 hours and a gigantic margarita to start to calm down and forget about it. Well now I have a good story to always tell, a much deeper appreciation of the U.S. legal system, a new found respect for the appreciation of life, and planted seed to do my best to help keep Philadelphia safe through phat beetz and jamz promoting peace. Call me Juror #5.

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