Friday, April 18, 2008

Tough Cookies remain undefeated!

The Doll Factory

Saturday night, 8 PM. The Tough Cookies need one win to clinch a spot in the championships in November. The Fight Crew is one loss away from being eliminated from the championships for the first time.

Since I am too lazy to recap, and have a much better written one to link to, I will summarize thusly:

Number of Fight Crew Members Ejected: 2
Number of Tough Cookies knocked off the track: 1
(Confirmed) Celebrities in attendance: Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page
Final Score: Tough Cookies: 59 Fight Crew: 49

Drew and Ellen take in the action

Chasing down Crystal Deth

If you want the details of the night, you can go to our most excellent re-capper, DF, who writes for losanjealous

The Tough Cookies next bout is May 31st, against the Sirens, (who we have already defeated once this year). I'm stoked to have been asked to sub on the All-Star Team, the LA Ri-ettes, for our game against San Diego on May 3rd. Both teams are going down!

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