Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Pesach!

Yes, Passover is not until next week, but we will be out of town so we decided to celebrate early. Thanks to Beth and Jessica's personally created (and illustrated - which you can hardly tell through the many times copied) haggadah, we can share the holiday with our friends. We did this a couple years ago and had a great time, so we decided to try it again with some new sets of friends.

We had a great evening. Kyler, as always, is great in the teacher role and he lead the evening in front of a very interested audience - even remembering most of the tunes to the songs. I was the only person who had experienced a Jewish Passover dinner, but we got our crew to try all the food (with some even liking gefiltie fish), sing the songs and drink a lot of wine.

We had 16 people at dinner, which yes, is a large dinner party. We brought in a folding table and chairs for backup and thanks to a combination of wedding gifts, everyone was able to eat off of and with real dishes. Yet we still have a ton of left over potatoes and brisket. And dishes to wash---nope, still haven't done that yet. Since Kyler cleaned, cooked and prepared all day (I was helping host a baby shower for my officemate), I shall be washing 16 wine glasses among other things tonight. This will be my exciting night while Kyler is gone to Idaho to get a couple horses bred.

On a closing note, Kyler and I went to the opera Sunday afternoon. (It was a glorious day and we should have just been lounging outside, but we had to get our culture in!) We saw the Gilbert and Sullivan 'comedic opera', The Mikado. I meant to take a picture in front of the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, which looks like a gold golf ball buried in the ground, but forgot - so this is the Truckee River that runs through downtown.

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