Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pigs Fall to Lower Altitude

Every Saturday morning, my softball team comprised of a rag tag group of storyboard artists and production crew head to the field hoping not to embarrass themselves too horribly.  

This year we took the name "When Pigs Fly" thinking that is probably when we would win. 

Along with the new name we also changed our management.  The torch went to this guy.

Jason brings something to the table that our last two coaches could not supply, more testosterone.  Look how relaxed he is here.  At this moment we are already down by 20 runs.  (When I coached the first year I would've been throwing things by now- we never won a game).

Last year, we improved our record by winning one game. And we've already matched that amazing year by winning last weekend  17-8.  We were shocked and thrilled with such success on our first outing.   

But even a new coach and a better attitude could not prepare us for the Swingers  or as we call them Team Fancy Pants.  Why?  They all wear matching grey baseball pants. See for yourself.

Don't they know we don't take this seriously. It is just for fun. 

Let's compare the two third-base players from each team.
  That girl is a monster.  And she hit like one too. Reminds me of high school and why I sat on the bench - a lot.
  Even our manager doesn't take this whole softball thing that seriously.  She's too busy bringing the latest trends to the dugout.

So we were out matched.  We lost a pitiful 39-0.  Yes that was the score.  Why would I make that up?  We may find out as we get into the season that there are only two teams we could possibly beat.  And that is if everything goes well.  

I don't think that matters
to me and the pigs.  We are there for the little victories; like getting out of an inning with three outs rather than the mercy rule, getting a couple runs, and even making one double play.   We are there to watch everyone get a little better with each game. We want to enjoy the bonding that comes with the highs and lows of being on a  team. 
But most of all we are there for the after party at the bar. Burgers and Beer!  Come on, why else? 


Anonymous said...

Matching pants?! MATCHING PANTS?! Once upon a time, when I was in junior high school, one would have said, "That is SO gay". But now, I guess the only thing to say is, "That is SO straight". Who can enjoy themselves in matching pants? I can't think of one activity that combines matching pants and fun. Marching band? No. Boy scouts? No. Fast food counter service person? No. Volleyball team? Yes, but those are shorts, so they don't count. I don't think the Pigs should stoop so low as to play against such a team. They may cross home plate more often, but you are the moral victors, as well as the style victors, and that is what counts in life.

Constance said...

In my official managerial capacity - I had the score at 38-0, if that makes you feel any better...