Friday, April 18, 2008

A whole lot of shaken goin' on

I was just reaching for the door to leave for work this morning. Yes, I leave at 4:35 am. I first thought it was a very low flying jet from Scott Air Force base since there was a lot of noise. Then I thought it may be a thunderstorm and sudden burst of rain as I heard the trees and stuff hitting the roof. After turning on the outside light to see no rain and hearing things shaking in the kitchen, I finally guessed earthquake. Hummer yelled from the bedroom, then the dog ran up from the basement. It was over in about half a minute. I remember some similar shakes as a small kid rattling the big farmhouse windows. Then at work around 10:15, I felt an aftershock. Kinda of like a huge wind gust hitting the building. Early morning was 5.2 and the latter aftershock was 4.2. I have not found anything damaged at home but have not looked that well. Everyone very excited at work. Most had never experienced an earthquake.

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