Sunday, April 20, 2008

An easy WALK to victory- for the other team.

We are a little confused as to the final score, but according to Connie it was 17-9.  But we were really in it until the last two innings.  We went into the field 8-7 them and they took advantage of our weak pitching.  (Our pitchers have been hurt or unable to attend)  The whole inning they just stood there and took the inaccurate pitches and managed to fill the bases.   If you walk a guy before a girl gets up to bat - they get two bases- that rule alone allowed them to score two runs.  So we were super frustrated by the end of the game- cuz our fielding has improved.   If they would actually hit the ball we would eventually get some outs.   I'm am sorry to report another loss, but no game next weekend.  Let's hope the week off helps bring back our pitchers. (the photo above is a dramatization and not the actual events described)

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