Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Darryl and Carol

This is the first posting by Darryl, blogging virgin and recovering Luddite. I am pleased the first posting announces that the lovely Carol has agreed to marry me. We have confirmed that we have the church and fellowship hall for August 9, 2008, in Houston. You who might be in line for an invitation may now pencil that on your calendar (or align the electrons appropriately in your more modern device) and plan to celebrate with us.
We understand that it will be August in Houston, but we are optimistic that all of the air conditioning will work and that the hurricanes will hold off till September. Carol is a public school teacher, and we are anxious to pass this point before school begins again.
We became engaged at a lovely dinner on the evening of April 25th. The restaurant manager served us champagne as the lounge musician played "Summertime" while we danced. The next morning we purchased beautiful engagement/wedding rings. I shall post a picture later when I figure all that out.
Because we love going to the Dickens on the Strand festival in Galveston, we want to do a Victorian wedding. Carol and I, plus our attendants (her two daughters and my son and daughter), will wear some apparel that at least mimics the era. We are not asking anyone else to go to that extreme--remember it will be August in Houston.
We are finding that the Internet is an amazing tool for helping to plan almost anything these days. We welcome links to any great sites that you think might help us. Since we are merging two long-standing households, we will be looking to get rid of a lot of stuff. But if we find some deficiencies (and Carol always finds plenty of deficiencies when she tries to use my kitchen), we may come up with some kind of wedding registry. We may ask for charitable donations instead as we feel so blessed already. Thanks for allowing me to invade your computer. Stay tuned.
Love to all, Darryl


TheBitterRedhead said...

Congrats Darryl and Carol! I've never been to Houston, I'm there.

Berryville Brat said...

Congratulations Carol. I have already given my congrats to Darryl and of course Best Wishes for a great occasion and future.