Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Whales and Cops

Last summer I joined a band called Whales and Cops. The band started with 2 guys formally of a rather successful Philly band called Man Man. I joined in with a music school friend of mine and we started playing some shows. Realizing we were going to loose her to grad school we started working on a recording around October. We are now almost finished the 5 song EP and it is going to rock. I will be sure to send you all a copy when it is complete (will release in August hopefully). I am very proud of it and it will be the first real recording (after ten years of being a quasi professional musician) that I have an actual recording. Most everyone will find it very strange and have no clue what's going on (just like our music video below) but that what makes us so proud of it. We have a new member and will hopefully start touring in the fall. Keep an eye and ear out for Whales and Cops.

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TheBitterRedhead said...

I thought it was cool.